Seraser, Antalya’s fine dining restaurant

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During our road trip through Turkey’s south coast, we stopped off at the scenic seaside town Antalya to explore the old town and cascading waterfalls. While wandering through the town, we stumbled into Seraser’s quaint courtyard to escape the heat. Thankful for the Mediterranean garden’s shade and entranced by the 300-year-old mansion, we decided to make a reservation at its restaurant for that evening. A fine dining experience, Seraser mixes international cuisine with traditional motifs for an explosive “five senses” experience.

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Opening times

MON 12:00PM – 1:00AM
TUE 12:00PM – 1:00AM
WED 12:00PM – 1:00AM
THU 12:00PM – 1:00AM
FRI 12:00PM – 1:00AM
SAT 12:00PM – 1:00AM
SUN 12:00PM – 1:00AM

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What Millie had

Moules Mariniere

Steamed French Province style mussels in fruity Sauvignon Blanc

A generous portion of meaty mussels in a light milky sauce with a flavour explosion of garlic and herbs. Turkey’s famed seafood cuisine definitely lived up to its reputation. The Sauvignon Blanc gave the fresh mussels an extra kick, which I absolutely loved!

Traditional Stuffed Quail

Roasted stuffed quail with spinach & sun dried tomato; risotto with dry fruits & tomato

An extremely rich dish. The quail is stuffed with spinach and a delightful subtle spice that, doesn’t overpower but, complements the fruity risotto. I love sultanas so this was a winner for me. Paired with a glass of merlot and my taste buds were dancing!

Dilly’s Legendary Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate dessert served with homemade sauces

I don’t normally do dessert, especially because of my celiac disease, but when I heard they had a chocolate truffle cake with no flour or sugar I had to try it. Lets just say, there was nothing left on my plate.

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What Josh had

Duck Liver Rillette with Raspberry Jelly

Duck liver rillette with raspberry jelly, sour cream bread and green apple chutney

Rich fermented flavours balanced with fresh sweet apple chutney, cinnamon spiced, and a selection of home baked breads. Josh tells me that everyone should go for the breaded pesto and proceeded to eat the two portions of complimentary bread. Its moments like these I wish I could eat bread.

Beef Wellington

Fillet-steak wrapped in homemade puff pastry with Perigueux sauce

A traditional beef Wellington with a lovely periguex sauce that Josh claims he could’ve had a lot more of! The grilled vegetables and puff pastry were delectable. Sadly, Josh’s photo really doesn’t do it justice.

Sultan’s Coffee

Turkish coffee flavoured crème brûlee; served with homemade petit fours

Now, Josh doesn’t like coffee and isn’t a real dessert kinda guy but this complementary crème brûlee had him quiet for the rest of our meal. He also demolished the mini meringue, shortbread and Turkish delight to my surprise!

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Final thoughts

Seraser offers an immersive taste experience in such a charming setting. The family owned restaurant is adorned in traditional Turkish décor; hand carved furniture, sculptures and exposed stonewalls spill out of the mansion in to the garden where most of the seating is. To top the night of, we were invited to their mixology cocktail bar, Pio, just through the backdoor. The signature cocktail, Fresh Med, left a sweet taste that will stay with me forever.

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