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Ever been on a Segway? Segway Station is the first of its kind in Nicosia and offers information-filled daily tours around the old town. They’re a great way to see the city if you’re short on time. Giving you the capability to zoom around winding streets, without ever tiring and allowing you to concentrate on the history delivered by the amazing owner, Andreas.

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A great way to see Nicosia’s culturally rich city

Have you been a bit hesitant to try out one of those city Segway tours because of their somewhat nerd-mobile reputation? Well although I may have been the same, Josh was quite keen to give it a go and like any good girlfriend I was obligated to try it out. Turns out, they are really good fun!

The owner of Segway Station, Andreas, is a Greek-Cypriot that has lived in Cyprus all his life. He knows the ins and outs of the walled city and can just about explain its entire history to you in the three hour tour he takes you on. Rich with culture, the walled city of Nicosia is unique in that it is a divided city by the UN buffer zone.

For those that don’t know, the island of Cyprus has been separated by Greek and Turkish Cypriots since the civil war in 1974. Nicosia is unique in that the Green Line or the UN buffer zone separates the two sides creating a diversity of the two cultures. Throughout the tour, Andreas takes you to see all the main sites. Heritage buildings, museums, hammams (Turkish spas), Greek Orthodox churches, mosques, traditional Cypriot homes, monuments and much more.

A part of the tour that really stood out for me was when we visited a few of the local shopkeepers. From wooden craftsmanship to metal sculptures, these stores are run by the sweetest elderly men, who are delighted to have a chat with you (honestly, they could be your grandads). And just when it gets too hot, Andreas takes you to the quaintest of cafes nestled in amongst the backstreets.

segway station

We create all the ads across the site

The tour allows you to see a lot of the old town that you could otherwise miss whilst also getting to meet with a few of the locals, making it all the more personal. Overall, Andreas makes you feel very welcome and is a joy to be around for the afternoon. Highly recommend – so give him a call and book in a Segway Station tour next time you’re in Nicosia!

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