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Tucked away on a quiet street in Limassol, Cyprus, Dionysus Mansion is a traditional Greek-styled restaurant with a gourmet twist. A part of the Guaba family, it serves the famous sweet Guaba Nectar and has an enticing local atmosphere. Historically known as the Greek God of wine, Dionysus’s interior is similar to a wine cellar setting that is warm and welcoming like its staff. And if you need a retreat from the sun, its quaint garden has swings hanging from trees as well as a fountain to relax amongst.

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Aperol με Nectar

George Zacharoglou, the manager at Dionysus, is a delightful host who was more than happy to share his beautiful garden with us for the afternoon. His suggested cocktail is the Aperol με Nectar – a summer fusion of Aperol, Guaba Nectar, fresh lime, and pink grapefruit soda. The perfect drink for a hot day with its citrus blast of flavour and fizz.

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Dionysus Mansion

Opening times

12:30PM – 11:00PM

Traditional Greek Salad

Our first course was a palate refresher. George brought a traditional Greek salad to the table of mixed salad leaves as well as cabbage and coriander, which made for a fresh and light dish alongside a complementing dressing. But the tomatoes really stole the show with their plump and juicy aroma. We would have to agree with George’s humble description of the meal as “simple but nice”.

Oven stuffed-tomatoes with quinoa and spinach

Creating a twist on a traditional Greek dish known as Yemista. The oven roasted tomatoes were stuffed with quinoa and spinach, which are otherwise usually prepared with rice and ground meat. Spiced sublimely, the red currents made for a sweet taste with a subtle spice at the end of each bite.

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Milk fed pork chops

My favourite dish out of the course was the milk fed pork chops with boiled vegetables and beetroot puree – a must try at Dionysus. The pork chops have a smooth smoky flavour that when combined with the earthy beetroot transforms the aroma into a full-sense explosion.

Leg of Lamb with grilled vegetables

One of Dionysus’ most popular dishes is the leg of lamb with grilled vegetables. Full of flavour, the grilled aubergine, courgettes and peppers had a smoky aroma. The meal couldn’t get any fresher, especially as we discovered that Dionysus sources all their meat and vegetables locally. In fact, the lamb is from Yiannis Antoniades’s – Guaba’s founder/owner – very own farm.

“Fun in gourmet”

All in all, a pleasant experience that allowed us to relish in the Cypriot way of dining out. Locals have told us that when eating in restaurants, food and drink should be enjoyed over the course of an afternoon with good company. Would highly recommend!

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